Strategic Alliances 

IPE, in search of synergies and a more robust value proposition for its clients, has managed to consolidate different strategic alliances that extend the capacity and quality of its services.

Ingenium is a leading regional structural engineering consulting firm. He has more than 10 years of experience and has the challenge of transforming the construction industry in Ibero-America, optimizing the relationship between invested resources and construction performance.

With more than 400 projects executed in 8 different countries, adding more than 150 clients, Ingenium has established itself as a benchmark in its field.

IPE and Ingenium, in alliance, seek to consolidate the importance of high-level engineering in the construction industry, proposing solutions that allow optimizing times and costs when executing a project.


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Nexo Consulting is a company that combines more than 15 years of experience in engineering projects and services related to Industry 4.0, seeking to support its clients in the digital transformation and to optimize resources to adapt to new market demands.

Counting in its portfolio with the most important industrial clients in the region, Nexo Consulting adds experiences in more than 5 countries, being at the forefront of the needs of the sector.

IPE and Nexo seek to establish the importance of Industry 4.0 through two services: Digital Twin and Smart Factory; transforming industries for the needs of tomorrow.

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Ondaka is a start-up that knows that seeing is understanding. Their technology optimizes operational efficiency and they are focused on the importance of business intelligence through visual tools. Its mission is to help heavy industry and critical infrastructure access information and understand its context in a faster, more efficient and intuitive way.

With the premises of Security, Delegation, Rotation and Collaboration, Ondaka is focused on the optimization of processes for industries supporting its collaborators

IPE and Ondaka, in alliance, seek to provide solutions within the framework of Industry 4.0 for clients with critical operations and in remote areas.

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ECOM is the world leader in industrial mobile devices for hazardous areas. As a pioneer in the sector, ECOM has been developing explosion protection systems for mobile devices since 1986, strengthening the concept of the mobile worker.

At ECOM, we seek to break new ground for the mobile worker for the oil, natural gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, energy and environmental industries. Their solutions improve efficiency, reduce costs and can even save lives.

IPE acts as “Valued Added Reseller” (VAR), Authorized Value Added Distributor of ECOM in Bolivia, strengthening its portfolio of products and services for the digitization of the industry.

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